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Study Abroad In Japan

**JASC understands the allure of the Japanese language, and the impact that approaching studies within a Japanese setting can have. Many of us at JASC have had our own life changing experiences overseas, and have gathered here some resources to help you get started on your language learning adventure!

lOcal exchange Programs

JASC is happy to bring Japan to your school through its Japan in the Schools program. JASC’s Program Manager will provide a presentation on Japan’s culture and language to classrooms in the Metro Denver and Boulder areas. This FREE program helps JASC fulfill its mission of connecting Japan and Colorado by providing education on Japan to elementary school children—as well as middle school students, when applicable. 

Japan in the Schools presentations include fun activities and opportunities for children to interact with Japanese cultural items, learn some easy Japanese phrases, and travel to Japan through a series of images relating to school children in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Presentations last around one hour, and are tailored to kindergarten through fifth graders. Middle schools may request the program, but will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

University programs

Temple University


Immersion at home

Keio Academy of New York

In an amazing bi-cultural 2 week summer boarding experience, Keio Academy provides an enriching bilingual immersion experience in English and Japanese. Designed for Japanese and English speaking middle and high school students, the program 

Family Exchange

Monjido Summit

City Exchange Programs


Boulder-Yamagata Exchange Program


Greeley-Moriya Exchange Program

Aspen-Shimupakku Exchange Program

Longmont-Chino Exchange Program

Broomfield-Ueda Exchange Program