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The Japan America Society of Colorado is a member of the National Association of Japan America Societies. Our mission is to strengthen cooperation and build understanding between Colorado and Japan at a grassroots level. We accomplish this by providing programming in business, education and culture that link our two cultures. Established as a 501©3, non-profit organization established in Colorado in 1989, we strive to be the central point in Colorado for all things relate to Japan.

Getting involved with JASC 一緒に活動しましょう!

Japan America Society of Colorado relies on volunteers to help us plan and staff events and support programs. Volunteers are a vital part of our organization. All current JASC members are welcome and invited to volunteer in the planning and execution of our programs!  Please contact us to let us know how you would like to serve!




  • Provide opportunities for JASC members and the community at large to experience Japanese & Colorado cultural experiences including but not limited to food, art, dance, music, and theater.
  • Support the Annual Japan Cup competition for middle school, high school and college students (held in April)
  • Engage the Colorado K-8 education community through the “Japan In The Schools” program


  • JASCの会員と大きなコミュニティに、食べ物、芸術、ダンス、音楽と演劇を含むがこれに限定しない、日本とコロラドの文化を体験できる機会を提供します。
  • 毎年行われる、中高生と大学生のためのジャパン•カップ(4月に開催されます)の手助けをします。
  • 「ジャパン•イン•ザ•スクールズ」プログラムを通して、コロラドの初等~中等教育のコミュニティに携わります。

         Business programs:


  • Assist with networking opportunities for members of the Colorado business community who want to explore Colorado-Japan commercial interests
  • Support speakers who provide information of value for Colorado-Japan business networks
  • Support economic development opportunities between Colorado and Japan
  • Assist with "Doing Business with Japan" presentations for our corporate members


  • コロラドのビジネスの分野と関係のある会員で、コロラドと日本の商業関係について興味を持つ方へ、人脈づくりの支援を行います。

strategic planning COMMITTEE:



  • Help JASC carry out our strategic planning goals and objectives in the areas of:  Membership, Leadership, Marketing & Development, Operations and FInance


  • JASCが以下の分野でコロラド日米協会の戦略プランニングの目標と目的に沿って活動できるよう手助けします:会員、リーダーシップ、マーケティングと事業の発展、運営と資金調達



  • Together with our partners at Japanese Business Association of the Rockies (JBAR), plan all aspects of our Colorado-Japan Charity Golf Tournament, which supports the education programs of both JASC and JBAR.


  • ロッキーマウンテン日系企業懇話会(JBAR)に登録しているコロラド日米協会の会員と連携し、JASCとJBARの教育プログラムを支援する、コロラド‐日本チャリティゴルフトーナメントの全てを計画します。


Annual banquet COMMITTEE:


  • Lend your gala-planning skills to JASC's most important fundraiser of the year.  Silent auction, dinner, speakers, flowers, and fun are examples of expertise needed to ensure this event is a great success.


  • あなたの晩餐会計画の能力を、JASCの一年の中で最も大切なファンドレイジング•イベントに貸してください。サイレント•オークション、ディナー、講演、生け花、それから楽しむことが、このイベントを大成功させるために必要なノウハウの例です。