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Beginner 2 Japanese Classes start April 14, 2015!

Our Beginner 1 Japanese class at Sakura Square has gone so well that we will be continuing the class with  [nihongo] Beginner 2!!

Some basic knowledge of hiragana, katakana and understanding of basic grammar are required for this class as well as having had prior exposure to simple Japanese phrases.  

Beginner 2 starts at Lesson 6 of the textbook "Japanese for Busy People" and the basics  will be reviewed in the first few lessons.

This class will focus on practical usage of basic Japanese conversational phrases at business meeting, asking directions, ordering at restaurants, and so on.
Dates: April 14, 16, 21, 28, May 7, 12, 14, 21, 26, 28 (10 times) 6pm - 8pm

$225/JASC members