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Beginner Japanese Class

Time to learn Japanese!!

We've had many requests for a summertime beginner Japanese class so here it is!

Class will meet with Miyamoto-Sensei on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30am until 1pm in the Sakura Square Mezzanine Room in downtown Denver (Larimer Street between 19th and 20th next to the eye doctor's office)

Class meets 14 times:  June 2,4,9,11,16,18,30, July 2,7,9,14,16,21,23
(**No Class June 23 and 25).

The goals of this class are to cover greetings, self-introductions, shopping communications, simple business etiquette and greetings, basic reading and writing of hiragana, katakana and some kanji characters, and much more.  The class will use the Japanese for Busy People book, volume 1.  Book is included with cost of program

Participants are welcome to bring a lunch to class!

Cost is $225 / JASC members and $275/non-members.

Please register by May 25, 2015!