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BOULDER - Cinema Kabuki "Sagi Musume"

Run-time 31 minutes

Free Admission.  No registration needed!

Showing at Muenzinger Auditorium, CU Boulder. 

This event made possible by generous support from Center for Asian Studies CU Boulder, Japan Foundation Los Angeles., and Shochiku Co., Ltd.

What is Kabuki?  Kabuki is a style of Japanese theater that originated in the 17th century and is still performed in Japan today. Kabuki is known for the elaborate makeup and costumes worn by its actors. It is a combination of dance and a theatrical play. The development of the art form was influenced by both the Japanese society and government of the Edo period (1603 to 1868).

What is Cinema Kabuki?  Live productions, featuring some of today’s greatest Kabuki stars, are now being filmed with the highest resolution cameras for screening in cinemas around the world on state-of-the-art digital projection systems and six-channel sound.

Sagi Musume: Featuring Kabuki’s greatest female role, this is the classic dance story of Sagi Musume (The Heron Maiden): The resentful spirit of a heron, who, having assumed the form of a young woman, falls in unrequited love with a man. Five costume changes take place as, before our eyes, we see the heron take the form of an innocent young girl and then an older and more experienced woman. In the end, she is wounded, and, having resumed the form of a heron, dances out her death throes.

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