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Comfort Food hosted by Next Gen JA

Next Gen JA is a group that meets monthly for casual hangouts that bring together people from all walks of life who have a connection to Japan or Japanese-American culture. We serve as a sounding board for one another's ideas, thoughts, questions, challenges, goals and aspirations - it's a built-in support system in a comfortable and low-pressure setting.

The group would like to invite members of the community from all generations and walks of life to join them on Saturday evening, October 27th from 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM to enjoy a very special Japanese Comfort Food dinner! The dinner will be prepared by Chef Jun Makino at Junz Restaurant in Parker, CO. They previously took a poll with a variety of community members about favorite Japanese comfort foods, and are using those responses to help Chef Makino generate this delicious meal! The restaurant will be closed to the public for these two hours.

There are two options for dinner:

Option A) A delicious Bento Box variety - $25.00
Option B) A six course meal including sushi & complimentary sake - $65.00

Children will be able to order off of the regular restaurant menu.

Please RSVP and purchase tickets ahead of time here:

It's very important top RSVP so that the chef and restaurant may know ahead of time how many people to anticipate feeding!