Mission & History


The mission of Japan America Society of Colorado (JASC) is to expand people to people relationships between Colorado and Japan by serving as a bridge to connect via business, education and cultural opportunities.


We strive to serve as the premier resource for companies and individuals in Colorado who are working with or have connections to Japan.  We are dedicated to promoting positive U.S.-Colorado-Japan relations through the development of civic, business, and individual relationships.


With nearly 400 members representing business, civic, and individual interests, Japan America Society of Colorado strives to create quality programs and opportunities for the community.

In serving our community and guests, we are guided by the following core values that position us to fulfill our mission and achieve our vision:

–      Unique Opportunities – We provide purposeful, fun experiences for both business and individuals that combine learning with enjoyment.

–      Education & Life-Long Learning – We are passionate about providing superior education and life-long learning opportunities in all of JASC’s events and programs.

–      Excellence – We are committed to providing excellence to those we serve through our knowledge, experience, programs and activities.

–      Respect, Understanding & Collaboration – We encourage a spirit of respect and collaboration by working together to promote positive U.S.-Japan relations through the development of meaningful civic, business and individual relationships.

–      Fiscal Responsibility – We invest our resources wisely to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Japan America Society of Colorado.

JASC is a statewide organization, mainly serving Denver, Northern Colorado, and the mountain west communities of Summit and Eagle Counties.  Our Board of Directors is comprised of leaders in business, government, education, and the arts. The general membership represents most of Colorado’s major population centers and is a mix of Japanese Americans, Japanese nationals, and other Americans.


The Society’s goal is to provide a forum through which the people of our two nations may learn from each other’s experiences and achievements.


The Society carries out these objectives by fostering cultural, personal, business, civic and professional relations between Americans and Japanese; by discussing important issues and interests common to Japan and America; and by promoting – through education – better understanding of the arts, literature, cultural ideals and aspirations of the Japanese and American people.  We strive to ensure that the next generation of leaders of U.S.-Japan relations gains the necessary passion and experience to support this most important bilateral relationship.

We encourage you to join us and become a part of this wonderful journey of friendship and understanding between the Colorado and Japanese cultures.