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The mission of Japan America Society of Colorado is to expand people to people relationships between Colorado and Japan by serving as a bridge to connect via business, education and cultural opportunities.

We strive to serve as the premier resource for companies and individuals in Colorado who are working with or have connections to Japan.  We are dedicated to positive U.S.-Colorado-Japan relations through the development of civic, business, and individual relationships. 

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Grand Prize - Ticket # 1336 - Tomas Hajicek

2nd Prize - Ticket # 1749 - Penny Marez

3rd Prize - Ticket # 935 - Yoji Yamada

4th Prize - Ticket # 1980 - Joe Ozaki

Thank you for your support of Japanese education programs in Colorado!

Highlights from the November 1, 2018 JASC Annual Gala.  Kanpai! And thank you all!


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Japan America Society of Colorado is a non-profit membership organization.  Your support allows us to continue to provide valuable programs and support throughout the community for businesses, students, teachers, and anyone with a love of Japan.  Please join today and help us maintain wonderful international program for the State of Colorado.

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As a non-profit membership organization, it is important that members maintain a role in shaping the organization and managing its success. There are a number of programs and committees that rely on volunteers.  Click here to read all about it.

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Mark your calendars for Colorado’s first ever Sumo exhibition featuring USA SUMO at the JASC Annual Gala on October 23rd! Click here for sponsor details…

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