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Looking for Japanese language learning opportunities for the kids? Check out these local Colorado institutions and you're sure to find a great fit!

Japanese Academy of the Rockies ロッキーズ日本語アカデミー 

Japanese Academy of the Rockies was created to support bilingual education, particularly for those children of Japanese ancestry who are speaking some Japanese at home. All children are welcome to attend classes. Japanese Academy of the Rockies is located in the north Metro Denver area.


Website: www.japaneseacademyoftherockies.org

Phone: 303-585-1225

Colorado Japanese School コロラド日本語学校 

Colorado Japanese School is a new type of school, not only for Japanese people or Japanese speakers, but also for those who are interested in learning Japanese and Japanese culture. They offer monthly cultural activities, such as Tea Ceremony and Calligraphy, as well as classes for children and adults on Saturdays. They are located in Arvada, CO.



Website (日本語): www.cjschool.org

Phone: 720-491-7362

 Japanese School of Denver デンバー日本語補習学校

Japanese School of Denver (JSD) has been providing students with an education in Japanese for over 30 years. The program is run by the Japanese Business Association of the Rockies and has a full time principal from the Japanese Ministry of Education. The school is for residents of local communities. The school has about 120 children from preschool through 9th grade. JSD provides full day classes once a week in a local school in Littleton whose students are also invited to attend JSD events. Japanese School of Denver meets on Sundays in Littleton.

日本企業懇話会( JFA)が運営している学校ですが、懇話会会員以外の児童、生徒の受け入れも積極的に行っていま


Website (日本語): www.jsdenver.org