2016 Japanese Kite Making Workshops in Denver Public Schools

2016 Japanese Kite Making Workshops in Denver Public Schools

Programs of Japan America society of colorado...


JASC hosts 5 core institutional programs throughout the year for the community.  Those are:


In addition to these core programs, we invite our members to contribute ideas and resources for additional community programs.  Last year's JETRO luncheon was a wonderful program initiated by members of our business community.  Our newly developing Young Professionals group is another example of member-driven programming - as is the Origami Workshop, the Taste of Japan dinner locations, and so many others.


We also partner with a variety of organizations throughout Colorado to put forth even more opportunities for the Japan-America community.  These include:

  • Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Film events
  • Special exhibits at area cultural institutions
  • "Doing Business With Japan" workshops for corporate members


  • デンバー桜祭り
  • 映画上映会
  • 地域の文化施設での特別展
  • 法人会員に向けたワークショップ、「日本とビジネスをしよう」